These works are made from individual paintings on canvas, configured / reconfigured into new forms.

I was educated at the SF Art Institute, and worked as a textile designer for many years in New York City. Moving to LA six years ago created a need to shake up my art practice and combine my painting with my experience as a textile designer. 

This led to explorations of painted canvas as a medium for collage and sculpture.

I cut, tore, sewed, glued, and folded painted canvas, subverting the formality of the stretched canvas in hopes of finding a way of provoking a more emotional response, of connecting with the work viscerally. I wanted to make something never seen before. 

Chance became a part of my process, welcoming natural imperfections and unlikely connections, tapping into an order including but also beyond geometry. 

This work is about my own transformation as an artist, as well as a formal transformation of painting into sculpture, and about the transformation of expectations into discoveries.

A little Wabi-Sabi, an LA poem. I hope they leave you thinking about form, structure and emotion, a joyful expression of painting reborn.

Welcome to the new world!